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Bespoke Framing Codes (Old & New)

In 2022 we updated our range of Bespoke Frames and with the update, we introduced a new pattern of codes for each moulding we use. Here is a list of the old codes and their corresponding new code.

Moulding NameOld CodeNew Code
20mm Flat Smooth BlackECON07A2013-S1BK
20mm Flat Smooth WhiteECON15A2013-S6WH
20mm Flat Brushed Antique Oak0342OKA2013-B0AO
20mm Flat Brushed Black0342BKA2013-B1BK
20mm Flat Brushed Pale Grey0342PGA2013-B4PG
20mm Flat Brushed Walnut0342WAA2013-B5WA
20mm Flat Brushed White0342WHA2013-B6WH
30mm Flat Smooth BlackECON05B3013-S1BK
30mm Flat Smooth WhiteECON13B3013-S6WH
35mm Flat Brushed Antique Oak0344OKB3513-B0AO
30mm Flat Brushed Black0344BKB3013-B1BK
30mm Flat Brushed Pale Grey0344PGB3013-B4PG
30mm Flat Brushed Walnut0344WAB3013-B5WA
30mm Flat Brushed White0344WHB3013-B6WH

Previously, our Bespoke Framing range encompassed all of our new Flat range of mouldings.