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By default we will add a 1inch (25mm) border around the printed size of your image, whether you ask us to crop your image to an exact print size or we scale it to fit inside the size you’ve requested, this will increase the size of the final product you receive from the Image Size you order. Alternatively, you can order a specific Overall Sheet Size to include the your image and an optional internal border, this will also be a 1inch (25mm) border by default.

1. Addition Border

Square image into A3 print size

This is an A3 printed image with an additional 1inch (25mm) border added on to make a larger overall print size.

2. Included Border

Square image into A3 print size

This is an A3 overall sheet with a 1inch (25mm) internal border, the image has been reduced to fit within the overall sheet size.

Why Would I Need a Border?

If you want to frame your print with a mount, then you’ll probably need extra paper around your image to fix to the back of a window mount. You may also want to sign, title or edition your print, these details are usually placed below the printed image within a paper border and high enough to be visible after framing.

If you are unsure about the print size of your image or whether it will need to be cropped or not, please feel free to contact us and send your image at the same time and we will look at the image and let you know.

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