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Borders: Additional & Internal

Borders can be either added to the your printed image size, or within the overall sheet size you request.

An additional border around the size of your image, whether you ask us to artwork your image to an exact size, or if we scale it to fit inside the size you’ve requested, will increase the size of the final product you receive.

A3 image size with additional border

The above image has been scaled to as close as possible to A3 (420 x 297mm), the image does not scale exactly and ends up being 420 x 286mm. The additional border around the image is 25mm on each side and creates an overall print that is 470 x 336mm.

Overall print size with an internal border

The above print is an overall A3 sheet size with the image reduced to fit inside along with a 25mm border. The ideal size for the image is 370 x 247mm (50mm less than A3 on both the width and height), this image however scales to 362 x 247mm and therefore has slightly wider borders on the left and right hand side.

To create even borders on each side of the print, we would need to crop some of the image to achieve the correct ratio or proportion for the image.

Why Would I Need a Border?

If you want to frame your print with a mount, then you’ll need extra paper around your image to fix to the back of a window mount. You may also want to sign, title or edition your print, these details are usually placed below the printed image within a paper border and high enough to be visible after framing.

If you are unsure about the print size of your image or whether it will need to be cropped or not, please feel free to contact us and send your image to us at the same time.