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Canvas Stretching

By default we would leave the sides of your stretched canvas unprinted. If you want, you can have a number of options to fill the sides of your canvas print;

Extended Image: In this instance we would enlarge your image so that there is extra width and height to wrap the edges around the sides of the canvas frame. Please note, if you have anything important on the edges of your image, there is a good chance these will areas will be on the sides and not the front of your canvas print.
Reflected Image: If you don’t want to loose anything from the front of your image, we can reflect – or mirror – the image from the front of the canvas on to the sides. We take a 20mm or 40mm strip from each edge (width depending on your frame depth), mirror it and position it on your image so it provides the sides (wrap) to your canvas print.
Flat Colour: This is another good option if you do not want to loose any of the image from the front of your canvas print. We can print any colour, for example, sampled from your image to match the colour of the sky or a simply a colour of your choice (black is popular to frame the image on the front).

Unprinted sides
Full image with unprinted/white sides (default)
Extended image
Extended image (parts of the image are lost to the sides, bottom and top of the canvas frame)
Reflected image
Reflected image (notice the how the tree is mirrored, can look out of place with some images)
Flat colour
Flat colour (dark brown colour selected from tree)