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Certificates of Authenticity

Certificates can be ordered along with your prints to authenticate the quality and specifications of your print. The following information is included on every certificate we produce;

  • Title, the title of the artwork or print
  • Artist name, the full name of the artist or creator of the original work
  • Edition details, number of the specific print from the total number of prints produced, or left blank for open editions
  • Print date, the date of when the print was produced
  • Print size, details the size of the print and will depend on how the print is ordered; either by the overall sheet size or by the image size (additional border will not be included in this size)
  • Original medium, details the medium used to create the original artwork or image, this is not associated with how the print was produced
  • Copyright date, the year of completion of the original artwork or image
  • Country of origin, the location of where the print was produced, this will always be United Kingdom
  • Paper Type and Weight, details the manufacturer, paper range and specific weight of the paper used for the print
  • Print method, this will always be GiclĂ©e for the prints we produce
  • Printed by, Studio One Frames Ltd


We have two designs available, our default layout that caters for 99% of prints and a second specifically used for panoramic artwork that has a ration of 3:1 or higher.

ArtSure Certificate of Authenticity
ArtSure Certificate of Authenticity


ArtSure is a print assurance scheme developed and maintained by the Fine Art Trade Guild, they have certified a wide range of papers and printers to make it easy for print studios, artists and publishers to promote the quality of prints they produce and sell. All the papers and canvas we print on – with the exception of Matt Poster Paper 230gsm, see below – have been approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild under their ArtSure scheme and as a result, we include the ArtSure logo on our certificates.

Matt Poster Paper 230gsm

Matt Poster Paper at 230gsm falls below the required paper weight for the Fine Art Trade Guild to authenticate, this paper is however archival quality and has passed many International Standards test for quality. We can produce certificates for prints on this paper, however the ArtSure logo and accompanying text is removed.