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All you need to know about our popular white label fulfilment service.


Unlike many print studios, we do not charge an additional cost to Dropship your orders for you, we simply send your order to your customer’s address instead of sending it to you. Our standard delivery/postage and packaging costs apply.


White label is a starting point and blank canvas to add your own brand identity to our packaging and to make the orders look like your own. We do not charge for any of the following inclusions.

Stationary & Packaging

When sending an order to you, we will include a paper copy of your invoice and our packaging will include our own labels and branding. When sending to your customer, we will not include your invoice and all our branding will be removed from the package. The only identifier to us is the return delivery address on the address label, this is simply; 7 London Road, CO16 9RW UK and allows Royal Mail to return any undelivered parcels to us.

We can include stationary and your branding either within or on the packaging for you. Here is a list of popular items we can include;

  • Flyers and leaflets
  • Business cards
  • Compliment slips
  • Thank you notes
  • Stickers that can be used on the outside of the packaging
  • Dispatch notes and invoices (which should be uploaded at the time of ordering)

Signing & Numbering Print Editions

Limited Edition print runs can be dropshipped, you do not need to print the entire edition in one go and you can take advantage of on-demand printing and order prints from us as and when you make a sale. We cannot hand sign a print for you, however a digital scan of your signature can be added to your print.

We can number prints for you, it is your responsibility to keep track of the print number you require on each print you order. Numbers will be penciled on our matt papers and written in ink on our glossy/satin papers.

Print Embossing & Stamping

If you wish to emboss your prints with a logo mark or signature, you will need to source the embossing stamp and die, and arrange this to be sent to us. Ink stamps can also be used, the ink should be water based and acid free. Ink stamps can be stamped on the back or front of a print.


An order can be returned to us for a few different reasons, the two most popular are;

  • Incorrect address and delivery was not possible
  • Delivery was attempted but unable to be completed due to a signature required or the parcel not being able to fit through the letter box. In this instance a calling card will be left. The parcel will be returned to us if the recipient does not collect the parcel.

As soon as the parcel is returned to us, we will email you to notify you of its return. We can either resend the order to your customer, or send it to you, in either case we will invoice you for the cost of delivery. If the parcel was returned due to an incorrect delivery address, we will ask you to request the correct delivery address from your customer before resending.

Loss & Damage

It is our responsibility to ensure your order arrives with your customer and arrives without damage. If an order has been damaged in transit, we will replace the order for you, we would appreciate photographs of the damage – to both the product and packaging – so we can investigate the issue and claim damages from the delivery company.

If your order does not arrive with your customer in good time, we will request that you ask your customer to contact their local sorting office to make sure their parcel is not their waiting for them. If that is not the case, we will again replace the order.