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How to Use our Open Order Form

Our Open Order Form is to be used for orders containing multiple images with varying specifications and paper types.

This form includes the following fields to be filled in, some of which are optional.

  • Your contact details including full name, email address, phone number, company name (optional) and invoice address.
  • Order reference or purchase order number (optional).

Following Your Details, you’ll need to upload your images, this can be done in one of three ways;

  • You can upload your images to our Dropbox.
  • You can use your own Dropbox or file transfer service and paste the link into the field supplied.
  • Or you can upload your images to the form, the maximum size for uploads is 100MB.

Once you’ve uploaded your images, you can now detail your order requirements. For each image/print needed, we need to know the following information;

  • Print size
  • Paper type
  • Quantity
  • Whether you require additional borders to your Printed Image Size, or if the size requested is the Overall Sheet Size – with or without internal borders
  • If your image needs cropping to achieve the size you’ve requested and if you’re happy for us to do this for you

If you would like your prints mounted, we will need to know the following information;

  • Mount colour
  • Mount width (our default is 2in/50mm) or outside size (to fit a specific frame size)
  • Space between the print and mount window – usually for signing – or no space/gap
  • Would you like your mounted print wrapped in cellophane

If you would like your prints framed (with or without a mount) then we need to know the following information;

  • If mounted, the first three points (colour, width and space) from the mounting requirements
  • Moulding/frame type
  • If you would like the frame left open at the back so you can sign your prints

If you’re ordering canvas prints and need them stretched on to a frame, we need to know the following information;

  • Depth of stretcher frame (20mm or 40mm)
  • Image wrap, do you want your image extended to wrap around the sides? We can also print a flat colour on the sides or reflect your image so you don’t loose any of the image to the sides from the front.

Our service is bespoke and can be tailored to your specific needs, contact us if you’re unsure of anything.