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Window Mounting

We offer a wide range of options for our Window Mounting service. Each mount is cut specifically for your order and is therefore bespoke – we can work closely to your specifications, when ordering – please give us as much information as you can.

By default we’ll use a soft white coloured acid free mount, the mount will be 2in (50mm) wide and we will leave a gap of about 10mm between the printed image and the mount so you have space to sign the print should you wish. The print will be fixed to the mount using a single strip of tape, the mount will be hinge fixed to a hard board backing.

We can customise every part of this process for you, such as;

  • A wider mount size.
  • A specific outside mount size to match standard frame sizes.
  • No gap between the printed image and the window mount.
  • Different coloured mounts, we have over 400 available.
  • A double mount – two coloured mounts, one on top of the other with approximately 2mm of the bottom mount showing.

Please note: To fix your print to a window mount, we require you to place your order with an additional border around your printed image size. This border can be partially visible (space to sign) or completely hidden (close up and no gap).