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Our Scanning Service

If you choose to send your original artwork to us to be scanned and colour matched, we will take every care with your original artwork and do all we can to produce a faithful colour match to your original. This page details what we will do with your artwork and subsequent scans.

  • For artwork that is up to and including 700 x 500mm (approximately 28 x 20in), we will scan your artwork on a flatbed scanner to a resolution of at least 360dpi (our recommend print resolution).
  • For artwork that is up to and including A3 (420 x 297mm), we will scan your artwork on a flatbed scanner to a higher resolution of 600dpi. This higher resolution allows for any future print enlargements that might be needed.
  • For larger artwork (larger than 700 x 500mm), we will either scan the artwork in sections and piece together the digital capture, or elect to photograph the original. Our preference is to always scan as this produces a much higher pixel and therefore resolution image.

Once we have produced a digital capture of your artwork, we will work on colour matching a printed proof to your original.

  • We will non-destructively edit the captured image within Photoshop so to retain all scanned information. We primarily use Levels, Colour Balance and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers, with and without masks, to adjust the appearance and resulting print of the digital scan.
  • Once we are happy with the on-screen adjustments, we’ll print an A4 proof to compare to your original. This highlights any physical differences, from this printed proof, we’ll then go back to Photoshop to make further adjustments before printing a new A4 proof to compare. We’ll repeat this process until we have an exact match to your original artwork.

When we have completed your scanning and printed proofs. We will package your original artwork and your printed proofs and return everything to you via a tracked delivery service.

If once you have received your proofs you would like further adjustments made, please contact us and we’ll be happy to make those edits for you.

Once you are happy to sign off your printed proofs, we will send you digital files of your artwork for you to keep.