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Overall Sheet Size or Image Size?

We have two size options for when you’re ordering prints.

Overall Sheet Size

When you request a size with this option, this will be the overall size of the paper you print is on, you then have two options for your image;

No Borders (Full Bleed)

This is where your image will fill the paper size and you will not see any borders between the printed image and the edge of the paper. If the image you supply is not proportional to the size you’ve requested, we will have to crop the image to achieve your print size, if the crop is severe we will email you to let you know and send you a digital proof so you can see the crop before your order is printed.

If your image already includes borders, please select this option and we will print your image as you’ve supplied it to us.

An Internal Border

Within an Overall Sheet Size order, you can have borders included within the print. Our default border size is 1in (25mm). If you’ve asked us not to crop your image and if your image is not proportional to the sheet size, the borders around the image maybe uneven – you’ll either have larger borders at the top and bottom, or larger borders at the size. If you would like even borders, please ask us to crop your image – again, if it is a severe crop, we will email you to let you know and send you a digital proof so you can see the crop before your order is printed.

Image Size with An Additional Border

When you ask for a print with a specific Image Size, we’ll size your image and then add a border around the image – therefore creating a larger overall size than the size you’ve asked for.

For example, if you ask for a 500 x 400mm print size, we’ll then add our default 25mm (1in) border giving you a 550 x 450mm final size. If your image is not in proportion to the size you’ve requested and you’ve asked us to not crop your image, we’ll print your image to the largest size possible within the dimensions you’ve asked for – and then add our border. Click here for more information about how we crop and resize images.

If you want to order your print by a Image Size, but do not want us to add a border, you need to order your print with the No Borders (full bleed) option.