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Our Packaging

This page outlines the packaging we use for the various types of orders we handle.

Print Only Orders

Print orders that do not include any prints with finishing options.

A4 or Smaller

Prints that are A4 or smaller are packaged flat as these prints are too small to roll.

Each print is sandwiched between two sheets of acid free tissue paper and then the prints themselves are sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard. The two boards are taped together using paper tape at each of the four sides to keep the prints from moving. This is then placed inside a recyclable mail bag made from sugar cane.

All the materials in our A4 packaging are recyclable and plastic free.

Packaging A4 Art Prints

Rolled Prints Packaging

Larger than A4

Larger prints are sent rolled in postal tubes.

Each print is wrapped in acid free tissue paper, the prints are then rolled around a smaller tube to protect the prints from getting creased while rolling. The prints are then wrapped in a heavy weight paper, longer than the prints to protect the edges while inside the postal tube, this roll is taped to stop the prints from unwinding and filling out the tube, which makes it easier to remove from the tube.

All materials within our postal tubes are recyclable, the only plastic element is the postal tube end cap.

Volume Orders

For large print orders, we will decide between sending the prints flat – again sandwiched between acid free tissue paper and then boxed/packaged – or we will send the prints inside single or square boxes. This decision is based on the specifications of the order; size of the print, the paper used, and the number of prints within the order.

Prints with Finishing

These include Flat Wrapped Prints, Mounted Prints, Stretched Canvas Prints and Framed Prints.

Mounted Prints & Flat Wrapped Prints

Individual items within the order are wrapped together in batches in paper to keep all the separate prints together. These packs are then packaged in boxes or within over-sized packing card to protect the prints in transit.

White Label Stationary for Dropshipping

Stretched Canvas Prints

Each Stretched Canvas we produce is wrapped in a recyclable cellophane to protect the print, this is then wrapped in a biodegradable bubble wrap to protect the frame. This package is then boxed if not alone or packaged within packing card to protect the item in transit. Larger canvas prints are further protected with hardboard (that extends beyond the size of the canvas print) sandwiching the canvas and protecting both the front, back and sides of the frame.

Framed Prints

We protect our frames by wrapping them in a protective foam tubing, this package is then wrapped in biodegradable bubble wrap to further protect the overall product. Cardboard corners are used to further protect the corners of the frame from being knocked. This package is then boxed if not alone or packaged within packing card to protect the order in transit.

We are continually looking to improve our packaging to guarantee every order arrives safely and without damage.

White Label Stationary

We can include stationary sent to us within your orders that are being sent to your customer via our dropshipping service. Stationary can include the following items;

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers or leaflets
  • Compliment slips
  • Thank you notes
  • Stickers (usually added to the outside of the package)
White Label Stationary for Dropshipping