Our Updated Price List for 2024

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Postage & Packaging Size Guide

We have introduced a new size guide for Postage & Packaging costs which adds further sizes to allow us to accurately price different prints being sent to different locations. We have the following four groups;

Small: Prints that are A4 and smaller.
Medium: Prints that are larger than A4 and up to and including A2
Large: Prints that are larger than A2 and up to and including A0
Extra Large: Prints that are larger than A0

Standard print sizes close to A4, A2 and A0 are also taken into account within these size restrictions. For example 8 x 12inch (203 x 305mm) although longer than A4 is within our Small Size, 16 x 24inch (406 x 610mm) fits within our Medium Size.

Small: Up to and including 216 x 305mm to fit A4, 8 x 12inch, and 8.5 x 11inch (US Letter)
Medium: Up to and including 420 x 610mm to fit both A2 and 16 x 24inch
Large: Up to and including 841 x 1188mm to fit A0
Extra Large: All print sizes larger than 841 x 1188mm

Delivery Services

The longest tube accepted by mail services, domestically and internationally, is 900mm and this can fit an A0 print. Larger prints in our Extra Large size group will be sent via courier services.