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Printed Proofs

If you’re unsure about how your image will print, a Printed Proof of your image is a great place to start.

Printed proofs can be ordered online here; Printed Proof Order Form and help using this specific order form can be found here; How to use Proof Order Form.

The Proofs

You can choose up to 4 different papers from our range for your proof order and you can choose whether to have your image scaled to fit on the proof sheet (proofs are printed on A4 sheets) or you can have a portion of your image printed on the A4 sheet at 100% of your image’s size.

Printed Proof - Reduced to Fit
The image has been reduced
to fit on an A4 sheet.
Printed Proofs - 100% Crop
This proof contains a portion
of the image at its full size.

Reduced Image vs 100% Crop

A reduced image will allow you to see the entire image and check the colours of the print throughout, this is helpful if your image has a lot of different areas of different colours and tones. 100% Cropped images are beneficial if you want to check for sharpness and image quality of larger prints.

The Print

The printable area on our proofs is approximately 7.5 x 10.5in (190 x 266mm), proofs can not be printed full bleed (edge to edge).

Revisions and Updated Proofs

Once you have received your printed proofs, if you’re not completely satisfied, we can make any adjustments and send you a set of revised printed proofs, free of charge. Here’s some of the adjustment we can make to your image;

  • The print can be made lighter or darker, or with more or less contrast
  • Individual colours can be adjusted; made lighter or darker, more or less saturated, or the hue changed
  • Marks and blemishes can be removed
  • Sharpness improved
  • Backgrounds whitened
  • Alternatives to the papers you originally selected

If you do require adjustments made, please do not place a new order, instead reply to your original confirmation email with details of the changes you would like us to make.

More information about our Printed Proofs can be found here; Printed Proofs.

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