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Signing Your Framed Print

Signing a framed print

Your framed print has been supplied ‘open’ for the purpose of signing if required. To remove the artwork simply place the framed face down onto a clean and soft surface.

Your frame has been fitted with bendable flexitabs for easy access. Just ease the clip upwards and flush to the side of the rebate of the frame.

The styrene, mount and back can now be removed for you to sign your print, the recommended layout is the edition number on the left (if it is a limited edition print), artist signature on the right and the title in the center (a title is optional). Use a pencil as this will not fade.

To refit, lay the mounted print with back face up on your work surface, remove the acid free tissue and gently remove protective film (one side only) from the styrene, do this slowly so not to create static which could attract dust. Place styrene on top of the mount and then place the frame over this.

Once you are happy there is no visible dirt or dust under the styrene carefully turn the whole frame over and push the flexitabs back down to secure the back. The outer protective film on the styrene can now be removed.

If you would like a permanant result, the back of the frame should be sealed by gumstrip or framers eco tape, both should be available from all good artshops. Please contact us if you cannot find a suitable tape.

The styrene in your frame should be cleaned using a lint free cloth only.