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Soft Proof Your Artwork

If you haven’t already, you will need to download our ICC Printer Profiles to be able to soft proof your digital images. You will also need graphics software – such as Adobe Photoshop – that can work with ICC Colour Profiles.

Once you have installed our profiles and set them up in Adobe Photoshop, you’re now ready to soft proof your image.

You’ll now be able to see if your image changes, ideally it will not change at all – but look out for certain colours, either in their hue or saturation. If the image does change, duplicate the image and view the two images side by side, one with proof colours visible and the other without.

Soft Proofing in Photoshop

In the example above, the image on the left is previewing one of our colour profiles and has lost some saturation and the blue/cyan sky has changed in hue, this is compared to the image on the right which is being viewed without a colour profile.

Editing the image with proof colours visible, use either colour balance or hue and saturation tools to adjust your image until it closely matches your original image. This compensates for any gamut adjustments when the profile is used to print your artwork. Save this newly edited image ready for printing.

If you’re working on a capture of your original artwork, it’s a good idea to have this to hand also so you can see if your digital image is a close match to your original.