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What size does your image need to be?

Enter the size of print you would like to order and this simple tool will tell you the ideal image size we require.

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How large will your image print?

This tool allows you to upload an image or enter your image’s pixel size, the results give you a detailed guide on how large your image will print as well as giving you the opportunity to find an in between size via a range slider.

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Image Requirements

We print directly from Adobe Photoshop and can work with all common file formats. Here are our recommended image specifications. File Type Jpeg, Tiff or PSD if rasterized, PDF for vector images. Layers Images should be supplied flattened, without any extra layers Colour & Colour Space RGB with Adobe RGB (1998) or sRGB profiles recommended…. read more.

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DPI, PPI & Pixels

We talk about our file and resolution requirements on our Image Requirements guide here, but lots of people ask us about print resolution and pixel size, we thought a specific guide would be helpful. Resolution This is a number telling a device (in our case a printer, but could be a computer screen) how many… read more.

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