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An ideal finishing option to help protect and display your prints

Flat Print Wrapping

Sometimes referred to as a back and wrap, our Flat Print Wrapping service is an acid free backing board cut to the same size as your print's overall size, then wrapped in a transparent wrap/sleeve.

Flat Wrapped Fine Art Prints
Flat Wrapped Fine Art Prints

Eco Wraps

Our biodegradable and compostable wraps for prints are available in 9 standard print sizes, these wraps are made from vegetable (corn/potato) starch and will naturally biodegrade in compost sites, the sleeves themselves have a shelf life of over 12 months. The wraps should be kept in cool and dry conditions as heat and humidity can decrease the life of this product.

Prices can be found on our comprehensive price list.

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Currently, bespoke sizes are not available for our Eco Flat Print Wraps, please make sure when ordering, your requested print size matches one of the above sizes. Prices above do not include the cost of prints, sizes are based on the overall size (sheet size) of your print.

Standard Wraps

If you prefer to use a standard cellophane wrap for your prints, we have a number standard sizes available, custom sizes can also be produced if required. Prices for these can also be found on our price list.

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Our standard cellophane wraps are made from polypropylene (PP), this is a material that can be recycled, please check with your local authority for curbside collections and recycling in your area.