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Your artwork beautifully printed and finished — with no minimum orders
and worldwide delivery — to you, or direct to your customer.

Send Us Your Images

If you'd like to send us an image for us to have a look at, or to send us images ahead of placing an order; you can send your image as an attachment to an email, this is ideal for smaller images (up to 20MB), but if you want to send something larger, here's what we recommened.


Upload images to our Dropbox

Use the link below to upload images to our Dropbox File Request folder, you'll need to fill in your name and email address, we'll receive notification by email once they've arrived.



Send images via wetransfer.com

For really big images (up to 2GB), Wetransfer.com is a file delivery service that allows you to upload files to wetransfer.com's servers, a link is then sent to us to download. Files are available for 7 days.

Get started at wetransfer.com


You can send us images using links from your own Dropbox, iCloud Drive or Google Drive (or any other cloud storage company), or you can use your preferred file transfer site - there's lots of options available. You can also come and see us and bring your files on a CD/DVD or USB drive.