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Using Shopify's fulfillment and shipping options, you can set dStudio as a third-party fulfillment partner, you'll need a unique dStudiouk.email address first, contact us to request your email address before you continue setting up your store.

Custom order fulfillment

If you've already got your unique dstudiouk.email address, you're ready to start, log in to your Shopify account and find the Shipping options within Settings.

Settings › Shipping

Add a fulfillment service with the following settings;

Set up dStudio as a third-party fulfillment partner

You can find more help with this part on the Shopify website here;

Add a fulfillment service

Once set up, head over to Notifications to customise the email template we'll receive for each order placed.

Settings › Notifications › Fulfillment request

You can either follow the instructions below, or use our Shopify Template Creator to select your print specifications.

Shopify Template Creator →

Email subject

Copy the line below and paste it into your Shopify template.

Replace Your Name with your own full name, for example Jane Smith, the rest of the subject text should remain the same. The subject should now look like this;

Email body (HTML)

Copy the text below and paste it into your Shopify template, replace the parts in CAPITALS with your own specific details, more help with this below.

The first area to replace is your contact details and invoice/billing address;

This should end up looking something like this, each line of your address should separated by a HTML line break, <br/>

Special Instructions can be used if your customer wishes to include a gift message for example, or if you need to pass on any information to us when fulfilling the order.

The next line contains your own print specifications;

These will set up the consistent specifications for each of your orders and should look like this;

Or something like this;

If you require finishing to your print orders, replace None after Finishing: to your own specifications, for example;


Order Forwarding works best when selling products without variations, if your store contains products with differing specifications — for example if you offer prints on more than one paper type, or if you offer prints with and without frames — you'll need to add the specifications into the product variants. If you're feeling adventurous, you can use conditional logic to compare a variant sku or product line item with a value, such as Framed, to then quote specific finishing requirements for that product. More help on this can be found on Shopify's Liquid Reference;


Please contact us if you need any help setting up your template.

Dispatch Notes & Invoices

If you need dispatch notes or invoices to be included within your delivery, we recommend using Order Printer Pro, this allows the creation of a PDF and a link to download it, which can be added into your template(s). When following the set up steps in Order Printer Pro, you'll be provided with a URL, use this in the following code block, which should be inserted within or at the end of the email notification template.

Order Printer Pro will give you a line of html with a link included, you'll need everything within the '' after the href= to replace the link above inside the brackets ().


The final setting is applied to each of the products you sell on your Shopify store that you would like us to fulfill, from the Products menu item, simply edit a product and change the Vendor setting to dStudio from the select menu and within any variants, change the Inventory managed by setting to dStudio. Remember to click Save to update the changes to your product once you've changed all the settings.

Set dStudio to be the fulfilment partner for this Shopify product

Fulfilling Orders

Orders need to be marked as fulfilled to trigger the notification email from Shopify to us, you can find lots of helpful information on the Shopify website;

Fulfilling orders

Image Storage

To use this integration, you will need to send or sync your images so that we have access to them as soon as your first order arrives. You can either send us your images to store offline, we recommend a transfer via www.wetransfer.com for this. If you would rather have a synced folder with us - so you can update and add to your images whenever you like - use either Dropbox and Google Drive to set up a folder to only include the images we need, and send us an invitation to share the folder with you.